Monday, 22 December 2014

OBIA / Custom BIACM Offerings for Load Plan / Custom Fact Group

BIACM Config
Step 1: Creation of Custom Offering
Step 2: Creation of Source for the new offering
Step 3: Creation of Custom Functional Area
Step 4: Creation of relation between Offering and Functional Area
Step 5:  Creation of fact group (Repeat for each Fact Group)
Step 6: Creation of Func Area to Fact Group Relation (Repeat for each Fact Group)
Linking BIACM Fact Groups to ODI Objects
Fact Model / Dimension Model
Load Plan Steps (provided only for SILs, but SDE steps will be the same)
Dev Components
Load Plan System Component (Required for a New Fact Group or Dim Group)
Generate the Custom Load Plan in BIACM


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