Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Debugging Tools for ODBC Connection in Informatica

To test the ODBC connections, use the Informatica GCS tool SSGODBC.


From the Informatica Home (INFA_HOME) directory, do the following:

cd $INFA_HOME/tools/debugtools/ssgodbc
  1. Go to the directory corresponding to the Operating System.


    For Linux 64-bit, go to linux64.
  2. Run the ssgodbc file. 

    Usage: ssgodbc -d dsn -u username -p password [-v]

    -d Data Source Name (specified in odbc.ini file)
    -u ODBC username
    -p ODBC password
    -v verbose output


linux64.ssgodbc -d connectioninfo -u uname -p pword -v << ! > myfile.out 2>&1

./ssgodbc.linux64 -d CLAVEY -u admin -p password -v  Connected
ODBC version        = -03.52.0000-
DBMS name           = -NetezzaSQL-
DBMS version        = -04.05.0000 Release 4.5 (P-3) [Build 7835]-
Driver name         = -libnzodbc.so-
Driver version      = -Release 5.0.8 [Build 11925]-
Driver ODBC version = -03.51-

Enter SQL string:

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