Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Creation of Informatica connections Using Infacmd

When a connection is created from command line, multiple options need to provide in -o option: createconnection
[ICMD_10023] Missing required command option: [<-DomainName|-dn>]
<-DomainName|-dn> domain_name
<-UserName|-un> user_name
<-Password|-pd> password
[<-SecurityDomain|-sdn> security_domain]
[<-ResilienceTimeout|-re> timeout_period_in_seconds]
<-ConnectionName|-cn> connection_name
<-ConnectionId|-cid> connection_id
<-ConnectionType|-ct> connection_type
[<-ConnectionUserName|-cun> connection_user_name]
[<-ConnectionPassword|-cpd> connection_password]
<-Options|-o> options, separated by space in the form of name=value. Use single quote to escape any equal sign or space in the value.
Defines a connection and the connection options.

​./ createconnection -dn Domain_orcl -un Administrator -pd Lucid2016 -cn SQLServer -cid SQLServer -ct ODBC -cun ssasuser -cpd Lucid@123 -o "DataAccessConnectString=DW_SQLServer CodePage=UTF-8 EnableConnectionPool=true EnableQuotes=true QuoteChar=3 ODBCProvider='Microsoft SQL Server'"​

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