Thursday, 29 December 2016

Mapping Failure Due to The data channel used by this callback handler has.


many of the mappings are failing with error "[ICMD_10033] Command [RunMapping] 

failed with error [[ICMD_10000] [JSF_0010] 

The data channel used by this callback handler has been closed.  

No new events will be received on this handler.]."



The error occurs due to a broken connection between infacmd process and DIS process.

Connection may break due to DIS process termination, network errors, or heartbeat timeout on the connection. Heartbeat timeout, default of 40 seconds, can happen due to resource crunch.


To resolve this issue, identify if there are network errors or DIS termination and resolve those issues.

 If the failure is due to heartbeat timeout, check for system resource utilization to identify resource crunch and ensure no resource starvation for infacmd and DIS process. Alternatively, set domain-level custom property "HeartbeatTimeout" to higher value than 40 to increase tolerance of network delays [requires service restart].

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