Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Karaf Commands

With Karaf already installed, open a command line console and change directory to <KARAF_HOME>. To start the server, run the following command in Windows:
respectively on Unix:
You should see the following information on the command line console:
You can now run your first command. Simply type the <tab> key in the console.

admin:change-port         admin:connect             admin:create              admin:destroy
admin:list                admin:start               admin:stop                config:cancel
config:edit               config:list               config:propappend         config:propdel
config:proplist           config:propset            config:update             dev:dynamic-import
dev:framework             dev:print-stack-traces    dev:show-tree             features:addUrl
features:info             features:install          features:list             features:listUrl
features:refreshUrl       features:removeUrl        features:uninstall        log:display
log:display-exception     log:get                   log:set                   osgi:bundle-level
osgi:headers              osgi:install              osgi:list                 osgi:ls
osgi:refresh              osgi:resolve              osgi:restart              osgi:shutdown
osgi:start                osgi:start-level          osgi:stop                 osgi:uninstall
osgi:update               packages:exports          packages:imports          shell:cat
shell:clear               shell:each                shell:echo                shell:exec
shell:grep                shell:history             shell:if                  shell:info
shell:java                shell:logout              shell:new                 shell:printf
shell:sleep               shell:sort                shell:tac                 ssh:ssh
ssh:sshd                  cat                       clear                     each
echo                      exec                      grep                      history
if                        info                      java                      logout
new                       printf                    sleep                     sort
tac                       bundle-level              headers                   install
list                      ls                        refresh                   resolve
restart                   shutdown                  start                     start-level
stop                      uninstall                 update

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